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Valentine's Day Sayings
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Jan 19, 2022
11:09 PM
Valentinstag Sprüche, the day of lovers, is celebrated every year on February 14th. The original story of this day goes back to the Italian bishop Valentin, who arranged for the Christian marriage of couples in the third century. As a gift, the bishop presented bouquets from his own garden.

Even today, bouquets of flowers or other loving gifts are given on Valentine's Day, when love is the main focus. Original sayings for Valentine's Day that touch your partner's heart and express what you feel for your partner deep inside are also particularly popular among lovers. With the love sayings you can show in a creative way how much you want your partner. For all romantics, there are numerous Valentine's Day sayings in the list below that are original and come from the heart. Due to the large selection of different sayings, there is definitely something suitable for every couple.
Original sayings for Valentine's Day are always well received and make the perfect gift for couples in love. With the beautiful sayings from our list, your Valentine's Day will definitely be a successful day that will remain in positive memory for a lifetime. Homepage Schonespruchekurz.de

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