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Go assignment help reviews- Legit or Scam
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Ricky Ricky
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Jan 17, 2022
6:24 AM

Does Go assignment help.com Offer Quality Services?

Is Go assignment help Legit, Scam, Fake? | TopAssignmentreviews.com

Goassignmenthelp.com is one of many essay writing companies that you may have seen on the internet while looking for essay writing help online. The website looks really neat, and has some amazing features to offer; at least that is what it claims. It serves exclusively for the students in the UK. So, it makes you feel that it is specially meant for students like you. But is it as efficient as it claims to be?

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Hello. My name is Michael Langdon. I am a student at the University of Leeds. Last month, I availed essay writing help from Goassignmenthelp.com for my history topic. I was not able to spare enough time for the essay paper as I had to prepare for a test that week. When I found Goassignmenthelp, I went ahead and placed the order. Goassignmenthelp was not a good decision.

The website was well-designed, and they claimed to deliver quality essays at affordable prices. I also checked some of the Australian help reviews, and they also praised the services provided by Goassignmenthelp.com. I sounded good enough for me. So, I placed an order there. I didn’t know that Goassignmenthelpwas actually running a scam.

Read GoAssignmentHelp Reviews

Here’s what I found wrong about the services.

  1. Failed to follow my instructions:

I specifically mentioned in my order that I want the referencing to be done in MLA style, but the solution they provided me with used a different referencing format. They have also exceeded the instructed word limit. The quality of the solution was not exactly outstanding. And I’m not sure if the content was completely plagiarism-free.

  1. Asked extra money for rework:

When I asked the team to redo my essay paper, they said that they had fulfilled all the requirements. However, the essay still needed a lot of work. I told them what changes I wanted in the paper. So, they asked for extra money. The promises of affordable pricing were not real. I had to pay extra to get the rework done.

  • Inefficient customer support:

The customer support team of Goassignmenthelp.com is also not reliable. The helpline number does not connect you to a customer support executive immediately. I had to wait for several minutes to talk to an executive. Even the executive was not very helpful. He denied my rework request.

I want to suggest my peers to avoid this website at all cost. It will only waste your time and money.

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Jan 24, 2022
1:12 AM
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